How to use

Saffron provides a distinctive taste, color, and aroma as well as numerous medicinal benefits. The high concentration of natural carotenoids - a naturally occurring pigment that humans do not naturally produce and must ingest through various fruits and vegetables - offers antioxidants and improvement in cognitive and cardiovascular health, in addition to retinal protection and general eye health. Saffron has also been proven to increase general wellbeing by: reducing menstrual cramps; boosting serotonin and moods; reducing stress; and improving overall skin condition. Cosmetically, saffron can be used as a dye or perfume when mixed properly with moisturizers and other products.




To fully utilize the benefits of saffron, ByBelo recommends infusing the spice into everyday consumption. Saffron is ideal when brewed into tea, either stand-alone or with other natural herbs. Simply bring your water to boil, add saffron threads and leave to brew for 3-7 minutes. Strain as you see fit, and enjoy the newly golden appearance of your drink. ByBelo staff enjoy adding lemon slices and mint for additional cleansing.


To ground your saffron threads, use a pestle and mortar - an instrument commonplace to any Moroccan or North African household -  until saffron is a thin powder. Add approximately two ounces of water (5-7 tbsp) and let the freshly grounded saffron sit for at least 20 minutes.  

For an incomparable rice experience that adds a nutty and zesty combination of flavors, infuse saffron into your rice. Prepare rice as normal: rinsing in water; adding to a pot laden with the oil or butter of your choice, and adding an equal amount of water (i.e. for every cup of rice, add a cup of water); and once boiling, lowering to a simmer for 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of rice prepared. As rice is submerged in water, add grounded saffron and stir.


Whether grounded or whole (untouched threads), saffron can either stand alone as a main spice or enhance the taste of other spices and marinades used for meat and poultry preparation.  Saffron is most detectable in meat preparation when massaged gently onto your protein, combined with zesty flavors - orange, lemon, pomegranate concentrate - or grounded into butters and oils. Utilize for flavor immediately prior to cooking or mix with traditional spices, such as coriander, garlic powder, and cumin, and add lemon for marinades. ByBelo provides a list of traditional Moroccan, Persian, and other modern recipes.