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Moroccan Saffron

Moroccan Saffron

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The purple flower with red veins is renowned for its variety of medicinal benefits, including but not limited to alleviating menstrual pains, clearing skin, soothing upset stomachs, and offering general well being through its abundant carotenoids - an antioxidant nutrient native only to fruits and vegetables and which humans cannot create naturally, only consume.   

Most famously, saffron is the red gold of spices. Both a luxury and a staple to eastern cuisine, saffron is any chef’s most prized spice. Aromatic, flavorful, and colorful, saffron enhances the taste and experience of every dish it meets: rice, bread, sauce, oils, butter, fine meats, and more. Tea, in particular, is a special affair when infused with saffron. 

ByBelo offers authentic Moroccan Saffron from the region of Taliouine, the center of  Morocco's great saffron fields in the south of the country, where North Africa meets the rest of the continent.

A region that is home to some of the highest quality of Saffron in the world, Taliouine is also home to the indigenous people of Morocco known as "The Berbers" or Amazigh (البربر) who were pre-Arab and pre-Islamic inhibitors of most of the Maghreb region dating back as early as 8th century CE. Accustomed to centuries of saffron harvesting, they are at the heart of the ByBelo. This flower has historically afforded many local tribes steady annual income at the time of the harvest. 

By purchasing this saffron, you are contributing to ByBelo’s annual 10% total profit contribution to directly support the Berber women that handpick ByBelo’s saffron in Taliouine. The saffron will arrive in a tightly packaged container to prevent leakage and to protect the Saffron from dry and/or humid air.

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