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Cradled by the Atlas Mountains, nestled by warm North African air and nourished by Mediterranean sea lies the world’s most luxurious, aromatic gold: saffron. ByBelo Saffron proudly supplies and enriches every meal and experience by bringing you the world’s finest spice. Packaged to maintain the qualities and benefits of its most natural state, our saffron will transport you to fields of purple flowers throughout Taliouine, Morocco. Our saffron is carefully selected from each harvest, sustainably sourced and hand-packed fresh by local indigenous Berber women. Honoring tradition and respecting their labor, in order to empower the local economy, ByBelo Saffron commits 10% of annual profit directly to them.

ByBelo Saffron also features a focused, exclusive selection of expertly crafted saffron-infused spices, prepared by world-renowned chefs, as well as a curated selection of saffron inspired gourmet gifts and a cosmetic line.

In the photos above, a photographer from the ByBelo family captured Talioune’s harvest season. October 2019. 


Make sure to try out their signature SPA treatment, Saffron Journey, complete with a saffron footbath followed by a body exfoliation, a Detox Saffron clay wrap and a soothing Arabic Massage oil blend. To top it off, it comes with an Intense Hydrating Facial and hair serum to help rejuvenate your skin. Elsewhere, a fitness centre and a temperature-controlled pool help keep your workout routine on track.