About us


ByBelo is a social enterprise that offers saffron and saffron-infused luxury spa, and cosmetics products, exclusively sourced and handpicked from each harvest from our small batch farm in Taliouine, Morocco, ensuring an overall superior product. ByBelo does not source any product from outside pre-authorized and visited farms to ensure optimal organic consumption - a rarity within the spice industry. We do not offer saffron outside of the harvest. Once plucked, preserved, and prepared, we only provide saffron as our exclusive materials last, guaranteeing the most organic and sustainably sourced saffron on the market. 

Inspired by the seasonal harvest usually led by Berber women, the indigenous North African tribes, ByBelo seeks to provide the world with the world’s finest spice through ethical and authentic preparation, packaging, and consumption. ByBelo founders regularly visit the Taliouine farms and source exclusively from pre-approved, ethical labor. We do not purchase from wholesalers but instead from the Berber women and their farms directly. As such, we provide 10% of annual profits to our Berber families, empowering farm-to-table experiences and preserving centuries-long harvest traditions. 

ByBelo is based out of locations where Saffron is a core component of local lifestyles: Rabat, Istanbul, Doha, and more. We also operate across the United States and United Kingdom, connecting east to west by empowering Taliouine’s local economy and introducing their most prized harvest to the rest of the world. We conduct thorough research with local spice traders, cosmologists, chefs, and chemists before offering suggestions on how to use our saffron. 

A family enterprise, all materials found on our website and in our packaging are developed by members of the ByBelo family, a close-knit group of personally connected entrepreneurs, photographers, designers, and salespeople. From the ByBelo family behind luxurious packaging, enchanting photographs taken on-the-ground during the Taliouine harvest, to the shops where you can purchase our spice, we have all shared a meal using ByBelo Saffron while preparing our products to offer you the same experience.